Eltraderm Testimonials

Peptide Complex Serum

“This serum is a magic potion!!! I love it so much I’ve been using it for more than a year now! I have had dry skin since my 30s and this has completely turned my skin around. Age spots also messed with my confidence, but after using this serum for a couple of weeks, I noticed they slowly lightened up and are almost gone now. I still have some stubborn spots on my cheeks, but they’re easy to hide under my makeup now. Highly recommend this serum!!!”
- Lorraine S., 46

“Made my skin very plump and looks healthy!”
- Nour., 25

Advanced Collagen Concentrate + AH

“Very lightweight and smooth texture. It is absorbed very quickly and
makes my skin so soft without feeling like anything heavy. Even the
look of my forehead wrinkles and smile lines have greatly improved
and look less deep and noticeable.”
- Eric A., 34

“A perfect product for me as I begin to age. Using this product which is very fast absorbing helps me feel more confident with natural moisture locked. I am trying to erase my wrinkles and fine lines which this product does just that while helping skin elasticity to keep a youthful complexion.”
- Simon L., 44

“Since using this product for the past month I’ve seen a large change in my skin quality. It feels much softer and more rejuvenated!”
- Luciela., 39

Enzyme Exfoliant
“One of my favorite exfoliators in my skincare cabinet! This exfoliant feels like a light lotion that I apply on my face and works wonders!!! Whenever my skin feels congested and close to a breakout, this is my go to!!! Amazing amazing amazing!!!”
- Maïmouna., 25